WXXI Makes a House Call.
July 11, 2006 
WXXI will be airing a new feature this fall, highlighting authors and illustrators from across New York State. These three to five minute interviews, taken at the artists' respective homes, will air on the show, Homework Hotline. Stay tuned...
WXXI (10).JPG (327912 bytes)
The WXXI team arrives at my home.

WXXI.JPG (705706 bytes)
Host - Katie Sullivan

WXXI (1).JPG (697879 bytes)
Intern and sound expert, Heather Snyder

WXXI (2).JPG (651817 bytes)
Producer - Wyatt Doremus

WXXI (4).JPG (322569 bytes)

The crew including Heather Snyder, Justin Stauber, Doug Steffer, Katie Sullivan 
and Wyatt Doremus.

WXXI (5).JPG (331285 bytes)

A well deserved doughnut break!

WXXI (7).JPG (510846 bytes)
Videographer, Doug Steffer hard at work filming in my office.

WXXI (8).JPG (333381 bytes)
Doug again.

WXXI (9).JPG (329624 bytes)

WXXI (6).JPG (334675 bytes)
Time for another doughnut break.


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