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Gum Day - Want to treat your students to a special day full of learning and fun? Why not have a gum day?  Click here for some great activities.

How a Picture Book is Made - Your students might be interested to learn how a picture book is created and why it's such a long process.

The Solar System - Kick off your Astronomy Unit with Goldilocks and the Three Martians, then visit all of the planets on my site.  Click here for information and pictures of all the planets, plus links to other great sites.

Dinosaurs - Is your class studying about dinosaurs? My book, Dinosaur Hide and Seek, features the most popular dinosaurs from the Cretaceous Period. Have your students read about all these fascinating creatures (click here).

Author InvestigationCheck out the websites of other authors from the Rochester, NY area.
How to use my books in the classroom
Click on image for some ideas you can use in your classroom today.  (Microsoft Word - pdf file)


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