Gum Day Activities

Community Service Projects

Make a Donation - For the privilege of chewing gum, ask the students to make a donation on that day, from a penny to any loose change they want to donate.  Allow students to help chose the charity they will donate the money to.
Cars vs. Couches Activity - Ask your students where they think they might find more loose change, in their couches at home or on the floor of their parents car(s). Have them predict where they think they will find more loose change. Have them keep track how much money they find in each location. When they return to school , each class could graph the results.  Have students ask their parents if the money could be donated to a worthy cause. Think how happy parents will be just to see their children cleaning?

Language Arts Activities 

Read the following picture books -
The Bubble Gum Kid
by Stu Smith. 
Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler.  Click here for link to Amazon to learn more about the book.
Follow up activities could include writing letters to the author(s), drawing a picture of their favorite part of he story, writing a different ending, or creating their own bubble gum poetry.
Learning about Nouns Writing Activity - After a quick lesson on nouns the teacher will distribute two sets of cards (which the teacher creates ahead of time);
1) 25 "place" cards (one for each student) - The places could include -  in a bathtub, on top of the Empire State Building, in the jungle, in a helicopter...
2) 25 "person" cards - For example famous people, actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, kids in the class.
3) For "thing" everyone must use, “bubble gum”.
Give each student a place card, a person card and a bubblegum card. Have them write a story using all three cards. This is a great way to get students writing (and to use their creativity.) For eample, they may have to write a story about Abraham Lincoln, in a bathtub, with bubble gum.

Math Activities 

Estimation - Place a container filled with gumballs in a central location and have students estimate how many there are.  Prizes could be awarded for the top three estimates. Prizes could include a homework pass.
Have a Bubble Blowing Contest
- Measure the diameter of each bubble either using customary measurement or metric units.  For older children you could introduce circumference. You could run this like a spelling bee.  Have an assembly for the top bubble blowers at each grade level. Even have a category for teachers (with the principal too of course!)
Math Fast Facts - Students are given a sheet of basic math facts. As students finish they must come up to the front of the room, grab and piece of gum, and successfully blow a bubble (The bubble must stay inflated for a minimum five seconds).  Awards prizes for top five students.
Weighing Activity -  Have students bring in a variety of gums, including some sugarless varieties. Ask your students if they think gum weighs more of less after you chew it.  Discuss.  Have the students weigh the gum (with the wrapper on) using a balance.   Use grams as the unit of measure. After chewing the gum, weigh the gum again on the wrapper.  Does it weigh more, or less? Record the results in a table or make a graph.  What's the answer to the question?  You'll have to find out for yourself!

Social Studies / Science / Technology 

WebQuest - For older children this would make a great Web Quest.  Have students search for answers to these questions and others.
What is gum made out of?
Why is gum pink?
When was gum invented?
Who invented it?
When did people first start blowing bubbles with gum?
What is the diameter of the largest bubble ever blown?  (Guinness Book of World Records)


Gum Art / Productive Thinking - Give each student two or three pieces of brightly colored gum (chicklets for example).  Have them glue the pieces to a sheet of white construction paper.  Have students create a picture incorporating the gum into their picture.
Coloring Pages - Have students color these pages from The Bubblegum Kid (click here to view).

Suggestions? Send me your ideas and I'll add them to the list!