Rochester Book Festival 
November 13, 2004    Monroe Community College - Rochester, NY

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Thank you, MCC!

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Thank you, Readers - 
and small !

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Robin Pulver

Vivian Vande Velde

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      Will Hubbell

       Ellen Stoll Walsh

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        Carol Johmann.

Scott Gibala-Broxholm 

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Cat Bowman Smith (and me)

       Cynthia DeFelice

04RBF11.jpg (109890 bytes)Thank you to the many RACWI and MCC volunteers!

04RBF27.jpg (109663 bytes)
Linda Sue Park

04RBF6.jpg (111624 bytes)
Now that's what I call a bookworm!
04RBF57.jpg (27595 bytes)
Marsha Hayles
04RBF60.jpg (31024 bytes)
Mary Jane and Herm Auch
04RBF47.jpg (106294 bytes) 04RBF7.jpg (108656 bytes)Volunteers 
Kathy Blasi and Andrea Page - Thank you!
04RBF31.jpg (107134 bytes)
Also many thanks to the staff at Lift Bridge Books!
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Joan Baier
04RBF20.jpg (109926 bytes)
Mary Beth Miller (far right)
04RBF55.jpg (23898 bytes)
Larry Dickens and Joe Sottile
04RBF12.jpg (113496 bytes)
Future authors having fun.
04RBF10.jpg (114131 bytes)
Jan Czeck

What a fun day!  Special thanks to Carol Johmann for making it happen.


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