I've always enjoyed reading and writing poetry. When I was in the fifth grade, my teacher would display our poems on large sheets of poster board if she really liked them. I always wanted my poems to be chosen, so I worked extra hard hoping mine would get displayed. I had fun writing those poems and my mother actually saved some of them.
Iíve worked with children for over 25 years. Iíve taught preschool through the sixth grade.   Currently I teach math at a Middle School in Upstate NY. One of my favorite  teaching experiences was when I taught at The American School of The Hague in The Netherlands. It was fun riding my bike to work through the tulip fields and learning a new language and culture. 

This picture (that's my wife, Sue) was taken in Zaanse Schans, a windmill village not too far from our apartment in Holland.

I have many hobbies.  I love to cook, work in my gardens, work on the computer and travel.  Running is also something I like to do. I've run marathons in Chicago, Pittsburgh, London and  New York City. I own several electric guitars and my kids are always telling me, "Turn it down, Dad!"              

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