New York City   
August 2003

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Editors Anne Hoppe and Amy Woodbury at HarperCollins.

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HarperCollins Children'sBooks
Avenue of the Americas

Editors Mary Hogan and 
Namrata Tripatha at Harper Festival.

Editor Meredith Mundy-Wasinger 
and Designer Gloria Cheng. 

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Dutton Children's Books
Hudson Street


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Empire State Bldg.

NY52.jpg (39808 bytes)
Times Square

NY20.jpg (39615 bytes)
Today Show

NY23.jpg (40450 bytes)
Little Italy

NY41.jpg (36387 bytes)
Ellis Island

NY25.jpg (39950 bytes)
Katz's Deli

NY30.jpg (37978 bytes)
NY Skyline

NY27.jpg (37579 bytes)
Ground Zero

NY19.jpg (39583 bytes)
Rockefeller Plaza

NY22.jpg (39421 bytes)
Late Show

NY36.jpg (35323 bytes)
Statue of Liberty

NY61.jpg (40616 bytes)
Radio City Music Hall

NY7.jpg (40008 bytes)
Yankee's Stadium

NY91.jpg (37745 bytes)
"The house that Ruth built."

NY14.jpg (39792 bytes)
Monument Park

NY11.jpg (40416 bytes)
George Herman Ruth

NY84.jpg (37602 bytes)
The Rocket - Roger Clemens

NY74.jpg (37880 bytes)
Giambi takes strike three.

NY79.jpg (40514 bytes)

NY77.jpg (38359 bytes)
Derek Jeter in action!


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